The sun is shining on Passy-Grigny ! The vine pruning is completed. Now it’s time to manage the grass in our plots. To much grass and the lack of nutriments and water will damage the vine growth. So, what can we do ? To reduce the grass, we plough the soil under the row. Between rows the grass remains and will be mowed during the spring and the summer. This is for us the best balance between vine growing and its presence in environment.

In the cellar the labelling and disgorging is going on ! What is disgorging ?

-          Thanks to the riddling the deposits are collected in the neck of the bottle (picture 3).

-          We create ice in the neck taking in itself the deposits (picture 4).

-          Once we open the bottle the pressure pushes out the ice and the deposit.

-          We had a liqueur d’expédition, the cork and the caps (picture 5).


Whereas the spring is coming back we really hope the serenity and fun will come back in our lifes. Be sure our Champagne will still exist for that !

9th April 2021