In February our job of vine growers is convert into Champagne makers. The vine pruning is in progress and it’s time to taste our wines from the vintage 2019… After fermentations having highlighted the grape’s aromas our still wines are now ready to be blended. It is the step of the signature of our Champagnes looking for the perfect aromatic balance.

Blending grapes varieties, years and plots we are creating our future Champagnes following our palate. Thanks to nature having giving us top quality vintage 2019. Soon the bottling (called tirage in Champagne) will creates the sparkle in each bottle. A slow process under our eyes followed by 3 years of ageing in our cellar’s freshness. The minimum legal is 15 months in Champagne. Our aim of top-quality bottles makes that all our Champagnes are aged 3 years to develop complexity and aromas.

A long and patient job before tasting Champagne Marc Houelle for special events or just for everyday simple moments !