When the frost is coming it changes landscape allowing us to use tractors in our vineyard. The woods from the pruning are crushed (pictures below) and left on the soil fertilizing naturally by this way our plots of vine. The vine pruning should be ended during February on our estate. This step is done by ourself such as all the steps from the planting of the vine to the selling of the bottle. To do that we are a team of 4 people working everyday sometimes in the vineyard sometimes in the cellar. More than a job it is a passion for us ! A passion for the home-made Champagne for the vine growing and winemaking.

February is also the time to deliver Champagne and receive customers for cellar tour ! It is a pleasure for us to explain our job and to share with you our know how.

In our cellar the bottling called tirage in Champagne is going on. The 2021 wines are very hight level quality. Associated to our reserved wines every year we create our cuvées in a fruity, fresh and delicate style with greedy aromas. The aim is to highlight our Terroir creating authentic Champagnes !

13th February 2021