The spring is slowly arriving in our region and the vine pruning will be finished soon. This is a very important step in the life of the vine, a know how strongly regulated. During this job, us, vine growers are shaping each vine stock in each plot preparing them to old the future grapes…

When the winter is leaving it is also the time to plough the soil in our vineyard ! It’s a mechanic and 100% eco-friendly process allowing to remove the weeds. Again, the human’s hand and more precisely the vine grower’s hand is drawing the landscape, shaping our unique Terroir of Passy-Grigny.

During February it was the time of the tasting and blending the wines from the vintage 2018. Our cuvées are now created and bottled ! Now our Champagnes are waiting 3 more years in our cellar at 12°C protected from light. The time will highlight all our job and all the best from our Terroir developing tertiary aromas and complex flavours in each bottle. Waiting all this time is one of the features in Champagne Marc Houelle. A way to increase quality and being sure to taste a delicious and unique Champagne !

12th March 2019