The thunder has now stopped leaving behind a beautiful weather with sunny days in the Marne Valley. The grapes are putting on weight. In our vineyards because we are growers we continue to take care of the future vintage until the harvest.

Growing the vine, conveying our know how adding some modern technics, creating our own Champagne reflecting our self, this is our job. Every year, we create a “Champagne de vigneron” meaning a Champagne from vine grower. From the pruning to the meeting of our customers our produces are fully Made in France, Made in Passy-Grigny.

Because we uphold the idea of quality, we propose you a range of Champagnes coming from the unique Terroir of Passy-Grigny. The best from the chalky sub-soil, clayed soil and ocean to continental climate is concentrated in each bottle of Champagne Marc HOUELLE. The human thought and hand are to the wine as the artist to a painting. The art of vine growing and wine making are personalised to our Champagne House: Style, generosity and pleasure.

Each one of our cuvée is unique and brings elegance to your moments. From the simple ones to the most important steps of your life, our Champagne is unique!