After a very technic 2021 vine growing season with a lot of rain giving hard labour to us 2022 looks very simple ! August were very dry but the grapes have continued their growth. During 10 days big grapes have been picked by our team of pickers. 5 days before starting picking we sampled grapes in each plot to check the level of sugar and acidity. This allows us to pick each plot at the perfect moment with a very good level of ripeness !

Now grapes juice is changing into wine in our cellar. Slowly the aromas of Passy-Grigny’s terroir are revelated, changed and combined by alcoholic and malolactic fermentations. Our fruity and greedy champagnes are born ! Still 3 years and half are necessary to age our cuvées before tasting those !

About Champagne selling we are preparing end of the year celebrations ! As every year we’ll do our best to you enjoy our bubbles for wonderful moments !